We are very happy to announce that the District Schools of Instruction are back.  Each District will host their monthly schools, which are conducted by the District Deputy Grand Matrons, Patrons, and Lecturers.

Each quarter in November, February, and May, School of Instruction, will be held on the second Saturday of the month at the Grand East, 454 West 155th Street, NYC, second floor Chapter Room, beginning at 12 noon. We will have School of Instruction at the Grand East to review what we all learned in the District Schools of Instruction.

The past participation and attendance were good, and we encourage more of you to come out and make it GREAT! We plan on making the afternoon worth your while. We will have vendors, speakers and food will be served.

We look forward to seeing you at the Schools of Instruction and appreciate your continued support.

Attire: Business Casual; please no jeans or leggings.

To our members in the northern districts, we are working on transportation to bring you to the Grand east to join us. Please stay tuned. A detailed roll call will be conducted to record attendance of all Chapter’s officers and members. The goal is to increase participation by reducing the travel and parking challenges of the membership.